Last Friday the Chairman's Challenge was covered in the online newspaper 'Connected To India'.

Connected to India is a media company focused on Non-resident Indians (NRIs) and people of Indian origin worldwide.

Their Chief Editor Aruna Bose discussed with Russell about the upcoming endurance event and all thing him and his team are doing to increase donations.

Bose also sourced a quote from SAKHI for Girls Education founder, Aarti Naik,

“I feel so happy and proud to say that since 2018, Mr. Dalgleish has been a well-wisher and supporter to my girls' education work… I firmly believe in his strong and kind leadership to support my girls”

This is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness to Global Indian's of our Fundraiser and the terrific work done at SAKHI for Girls Education.

Since our launch we have raised a tremendous £695!

If you haven't yet you can contribute to the Chairman's Challenge and help provide hope to Aarti's girls on GoFundme.

Also you can read the full article here.

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